The Rheumatology Initiative, tRi Ghana.

The Rheumatology Initiative, TRI Ghana is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing education, advocacy and research into the autoimmune rheumatic conditions in Ghana and Africa. We ultimately aim to help in finding the causes and cure for autoimmune rheumatic conditions and providing support, services and hope to persons affected with these conditions and their loved ones. The Rheumatology Initiative, TRI Ghana seeks to increase awareness, provide information, tips and the latest advances in the care of people with autoimmune rheumatic diseases, with special focus on young and adolescent persons with these conditions. We seek to create advocacy for people with such conditions, and help to conduct research into the causes and treatment of such conditions.

Auto Immune Disease


Autoimmune diseases occur when the body’s disease fighting cells get confused and attack itself, as a result of the body failing to recognize its own component parts as part of itself.

Patient Assistance


This program aims to provide emergency financial assistance to those with a life altering diagnosis of lupus or other autoimmune diseases and who have a high financial need.

Support Group - Rheusolute


We aim to develop and implement an open support-therapy group for people living with various Autoimmune diseases within Ghana , starting from the Accra metropolis.